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Cash is King: Cash Management Best Practices

October 3, 2019,

Small businesses should be managed with a focus on cash flow, not income or other financial measures. SCORE mentor Hal Shelton answers cash management questions.


Is Your Business Financially Healthy?

You don’t need to become a licensed accountant to make your small business successful, but here are some financial metrics you should have a handle on. Read more


5 Accounting Tips That Can Save You Money

September 26, 2019,

Read these 5 accounting tips that can save you money and help your small business running smoothly.


The Pros & Cons of a Business Line of Credit

September 18, 2019,

Business lines of credit are a successful financial product because they can provide valuable assets to a growing company like yours.

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A Practical Approach to Small Business Budgeting

August 29, 2019, 1:00pm EDT

An annual budget is considered to be best practice for growing a business, yet many small business owners don’t engage in the budgeting process. Read more

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The 411 on Factor Rate

August 21, 2019,

Factor-rate loans are an option for repaying short-term business loans, but is it right for your company? What are factor rates and how are they calculated?


3 Inventory Management Problems and How To Avoid Them

July 13, 2019,

Are you handling inventory in the best way possible? Learn how to avoid loss through an automated inventory management system


7 Budgeting Basics for Small Business Owners

June 16, 2019,

Budgeting is essential for your small business success. Check out these seven easy to implement budgeting basics.


Why Running Payroll is More Than Writing Checks

June 15, 2019,

Is your payroll compliant? Are you following all the applicable rules and regulations? Learn best practices for your small business.