How I Can Help You

Are you starting a business (or already running one) but don't know what to do first sometimes, or have other questions such as how to: hire, structure and lead your team? Use consultants? Figure out the financials? Buy or install the right systems? Market/sell your product or service? Communicate with bankers, investors, your customers? These have been the ‘bread and butter’ of my entire (some would say, very successful) career.

Areas of Expertise

I love helping entrepreneurs see the forest for the trees, clarifying their goals, and identifying the necessary steps. And I've been very successful at it, including working as a CPA for 10 years at the world's largest CPA firm, as the CFO of two billion dollar companies, as the President and CFO for two technology startups (including an IPO), and as a founder of my own retail and consulting businesses. My most satisfying activities lately have been as a consultant and executive coach, advising CEO's and companies with multiple locations on how to expand, contract, buy and sell.

I have been a SCORE mentor for 5+ years and have mentored over 40 companies and am a frequent presenter at our SCORE workshops. I guess I love business, and the opportunity it gives us to create community through a mix of clients, employees and vendors. Bottom line - I've seen a lot, made enough mistakes to learn a lot, and am willing to contribute my experiences to the good of our community. 


BBA, Finance - Manhattan College; Graduate of CEOspace, certified business and life coach.

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 Bob  Vitamante