How I Can Help You

I can help individuals and Companies starting a business from a concept or idea; to help develop goals and strategies as well as how to deal with crisis and growth management; to help create and implement ideas for expansion, opportunity and profitability.

My primary career was starting (along with my Brother), from a concept, a company that specialized in consolidating multiple confectionery manufacturers’ products into one order, one LTL shipment, one invoice for basic stock, promotional and seasonal distribution. We started with Mass Merchandisers and grew the company to include all classes of trade; drug, specialty, military. Over time, we expanded our product assortment to include food, frozen food, cigarettes and tobacco, collectables, toys and grew our employee base to over 1,100. The goal of this concept was; from a retailer perspective, to reduce waste, reduce store inventory and increase store turn and profitability. From a manufacturer perspective; the goal was to increase sales ( no minimum shipment), decrease returns/ out of code product and decrease warehouse and distribution costs. Our company ended up with 6 divisions: distribution/warehousing, sales brokerage, retail services, web bases division for customers to review, in real time, store sales, inventory and sales forecasts, cigarette and tobacco distribution and importing (products from Europe, Mexico and South Korea).

Understanding the complexities of the business above will help me help you prepare for : 1. all phases of supply chain management 2. hiring employees 3. strategic planning 4. goal setting, goal management and goal achievement and 5. the unknown; the problems, challenges and opportunities associated with starting a business.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Start-up
  • Manufacturing Confectionery and Food Products
  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Importing
  • Sales/Brokerage
  • Marketing

Industry experience 

  • Plant Manager for Pangburn Candy Company 
  • Management Training Program Beatrice Foods 
  • Started CPS/ Tri Cor 
  • Real estate Holding Company 
  • Startup Company for exporting food and snacks to China 
  • Consulted with a Children’s Entertainment Company 


BS University of Delaware Operations Management 
Food Technology Degree The University of Wisconsin

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