How I Can Help You

Successful businesses sell products/services that uniquely satisfy perceived needs or wants. They are promoted to target decision makers by highlighting discernible benefits and generate long-term profits.

By blending marketing experience and financial perspective, I can help turn your talents, skills. diligence and sustained efforts into a viable enterprise.

Relevant Experience

I worked for four companies aiming for marketing research and strategy development to be a top management tool for greater profits.

At Gillette, I researched a variety of products and was promoted to manager of test markets and retail audits for men’s and women’s personal products and pens. For Ford’s corporate management, I reviewed divisional research.

At Mattel, I reported to Ken’s and Barbie’s real parents. I broadened the scope of marketing research by innovations as test marketing, commercial pretesting, applications for media decisions and styling/appearance/appeal optimization. My titles included Manager of Marketing Services and a Marketing Vice Presidency

I co-founded a marketing consultancy providing research and management services with financial focus. Our goal was to help clients insure that their products or services were commercially viable and effectively promoted, and also that they would be profitable.

We worked on a variety of products and services. Our clients manufactured cars, computers and toys . . apparel, cosmetics, tires . . frozen foods, detergents and fragrances They were also restaurants. banks and other financial service providers . . and companies offering a variety of household and personal services. You may be confronting similar issues and opportunities.

During my ten years as a SCORE volunteer, I have counseled over three hundred actual and prospective small business owners. I would like to assist you too.

Area of Expertise

I can help you choose what to sell, how to position and target your products and services, and how to boost your profits.


Lincoln University, PA . BA in Economics 
Harvard Business School. MBA

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 Vic  Cole