One of SCORE SANTA BARBARA’S clients, Brighten Solar, has been recognized as an Outstanding Small Business for 2016 by Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti, and will receive his Small Business Recognition award. The ceremony will take place May 2nd at Los Angeles City Hall, and is being scheduled in coordination with National Small Business Week. 

Brighten Solar is the brainchild of Marine Schumann and Jeremy Favier, a married couple who hail from France. They sell and install solar panels in both residential and commercial establishments. Says Marine, “In 2008, Gautier started a company that became one of the most successful solar installation companies in France: Synergetik SARL. Customer service and quality was Synergetik’s motto and drove the company to success. A few years later, while visiting the beautiful city of Santa Barbara, from the hills we noticed that there were few solar systems installed on rooftops. This assessment seemed paradoxical, considering not only the ideal sunshine exposure of the city, but also the environmental consciousness of its inhabitants. So we started researching and interviewing community leaders, environmental organizations, architects and builders and, of course, homeowners and commercial building owners. We gathered a tremendous amount of information and decided to take the challenge, start our own solar company in Santa Barbara, which would deliver solar differently.

The Santa Barbara SCORE chapter has helped us from the very beginning. They have provided the services of a number of mentors specializing in different areas of business. We are very appreciative of the counsel they have given us at every step of the way.”


Brighten Solar Recognized as an Outstanding Small Business for 2016