This month's workshops were about Online Marketing. They both took place on the same day and each had 21 attendees. Attendees learned valuable information to help them with their small business.


Alisa Wilcox's workshop was about how to build a 6-figure sales funnel. A sales funnel is an automated system that brings traffic to your website, captures valuable contact information and converts this traffic into paying clients. To learn more about the elements of a sales funnel and how to turn your website into a powerful income generator, click here to download her powerpoint presentation.

John Richardon spoke about how to use Amazon as a platform. It is important to assess all aspect of your brand (product, customer, competition). Amazon is a great electronic chennel option for test marketing. To learn why Amazon is the best test market around, click here to download his presentation.

Here is the information John promised about Amazon Home Services:

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 Alisa  Wilcox

I started my company in 2010 after deciding that I didn't want so spend my days peering out a window from my cubicle, wishing for days spent traveling, discovering new adventures and using my passions to create a company that lit me up and made me money.  Was that even possible?  YEP! Read more... As a Social Media consultant, I was designing and managing Social Media for small-...

Alisa Wilcox | TECH ACADEMY
The Future is Now: Online Marketing