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Have you ever thought that it is impossible to fund ideas, let alone create a business in the art world? Have you ever waved your hand saying that great art is just for the rich and famous? Think again!

A campaign by Collecteurs has just proven the opposite: A great idea lead to a compelling pitch by the founders Jessica and Evrim Oralkan. Their campaign reached a receptive audience on The campaign started on April 8, 2019 with a goal to raise $35,000. This goal was reached on May 16! By May 24 the campaign had raised $43,301 from 452 backers. How did this happen? 

The Idea: Create and grow the world’s largest digital museum: The Collective Museum of Private Collections. Their goal is to give the public access to unseen private collections and to make sure that the art world had a platform that was not controlled by personal interests.

Why is this important: As a platform, Collecteurs created a collections database that allows art collectors to showcase their collections and grant curators, and art lovers like you, access to private collections for research, education and exhibition purposes. We provide emerging and established collectors the tools they need to exhibit their collections and allow them to reach global audiences, all without needing the capital to open a private museum. Collecteurs also helps artists get their works presented in context across collections and exhibitions. We started a movement where art contributes to positive social change all over the world.  

The approach:  The founders initially self-funded Collecteurs to keep the influences away, because we believe the majority of the world’s problems are caused due to corporate greed and the maximization of shareholder profit. In 2018, we restructured Collecteurs as an independent public-benefit corporation and joined other socially-conscious brands like Kickstarter and Patagonia to ensure that the public’s benefit is always the priority for the company.

This campaign hit a nerve with backers that exceeded the founder’s initial expectations! The Vision, the passion of a great team, and the clear communication of the need and solution to the clients and customers made that happen.

Learn more about Collecteurs’ Kickstarter campaign and Collecteurs – The Company.


By Bernd Keller
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