How do Latino entrepreneurs and small business succeed? One way is with the collaboration of the Milpas Business Merchants Association and SCORE Santa Barbara County. On August 26th, Santa Barbara SCORE made its first presentation to the Milpas Business Merchants about the benefits, knowledge and expertise available to them thru SCORE Santa Barbara County.

With the foresight and hard work from Tere Jurado and Jacqueline Inda of the Milpas Group and Miguel Avila from SCORE, the presentation was, by all means, a success. There were 19 business owners, representing 11 different businesses, participating in the event. The forum lasted for two and half hours and was comprised of three presentations by SCORE Mentors; “ An Introduction to SCORE” by Bob Vitamante, “ The Importance of the Internet and Web Design to Your Business" by John Richardson and "How Social Media Can Positively Impact Your Company" by Alisa Wilcox. After the three presentations, there was an hour and half of networking, terrific food and music. This was the first step, between the Milpas Business Association and SCORE Santa Barbara, to build the trust and grow the relationship with the Latino Business Community.

A brief back ground on Score National and Santa Barbara SCORE. 
Score National was founded in 1964 and is made up of over 300 Chapters. SCORE is part of the SBA and last year SCORE National helped start over 53,000 businesses and helped create over 65,000 jobs. The breakdown of SCORE National clients in 2015 was 53% women, 31% minorities and 12% veterans. In 2015, for every $1.00 appropriated to SCORE by the Federal Government, SCORE clients returned over $60.00 to the Federal Treasury. SCORE’s cost to create one business was $150.00 and SCORE’s cost to create one job was $122.00.

SCORE Santa Barbara was founded in 1987. In 2015, SCORE Santa Barbara helped start 89 new businesses, helped create 97 jobs and provided over 860 workshops and mentoring sessions. SCORE of Santa Barbara is made up of over 25 highly successful executives with diversified backgrounds ranging from retail to real estate, from finance, tax expertise to franchising, from marketing to manufacturing, to internet and web development, to social media and from starting a business from an idea to growing an existing business.

All of SCORE’s consultations are FREE and all discussions and planning are confidential. We have regularly schedule FREE workshops to help our clients and small businesses understand, cope with and plan for the different aspects and opportunities that arise from starting a business or growing an existing one.


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