Recently, SCORE mentor Bob Vitamante, was interviewed by Cynder Sinclair on Santa Barbara’s local access TVSB’s program- The 805 Focus. During the show, Bob described the scope of our local SCORE services for small businesses, entrepreneurs, startups and nonprofit organizations.

Joining him on the show was SCORE client, Marine Schumann, the CEO of Brighten Solar. During the show, Bob commented on the Chapter’s history, its free confidential mentoring services, and its ongoing workshop program.

Importantly, he also focused on how SCORE mentors are paired with clients at the start of a relationship, and how it evolves over time to bring in additional mentor skills and resources as needed. He also pointed out that the relationship could be drawn upon at any time in the course of the business. 

Brighten Solar CEO Marine described her experiences as she and her partner introduced the solar design and installation expertise they developed in France, and introduced it to the Santa Barbara market over two years ago.

She highlighted their direct experience for anyone considering SCORE’s free mentoring  services and workshops. She described the initial matching with a SCORE mentor expert in business setup, and then the addition of marketing mentors to help create the unique message needed for Santa Barbara. Score mentors also helped in identifying local companies that might fit with their needs. And lastly, they formed a lasting relationship with the Score team overall, now viewed as friends. 

You can catch the show at and the following link.


Real client success - Brighten Solar is featured with Score on local TV program, The 805 Focus