Successful Marketing requires products or services that satisfy key perceived needs or wants of target purchasers. People buy solutions and benefits. 

Promises to solve problems or to address opportunities are more likely to motivate purchases than lists of ingredients. Perceived uniqueness is also essential. 

Prudent refinement or even significant changes in claims can dramatically increase sales. Prospects need to be convinced why they should buy your products or services. Specifically what problems will they solve? What benefits do they offer? 

Modifications in products or services may be required. Formulations may need to be altered. Components may benefit from updating. Sales can often be improved by rethinking or changing products or services themselves. 

Truth is paramount for sustained success. Many people can be fooled once or even a few times. But long term business viability requires promises to be consistently supported, demonstrated and fulfilled. 

TV commercials offer important learning opportunities even if such advertising is outside your budget. Effective spots make few claims but put promoted products or services above the competition. Flow of the presentation is succinct and clear. 

Can you provide information about your products or services in the same manner? 

Differentiation matters. Viable products or services are in abundances. You must convey specifically what makes yours better or at least meaningfully unique. 

Features may need to be added or changed to set yours above the competition. 

Trying to sell what may be perceived as “me too” things or services is a Cardinal Marketing sin. Avoid it. 

Few products or services have universal appeal. Prudent target selection increases marketing effectiveness. Find out what people and businesses are most likely to be motivated by your offerings. And design products / services and your messages to convince this defined target. 

Your products or services, and their specific characteristics and unique benefits for target purchasers are your Marketing Platform. Use it universally and consistently. Versions of the very same message should appear in your advertising and promotions, in your packaging and displays, and whenever you are communicating to any public. 

Your Santa Barbara SCORE Advisor knows how to use this technique to help you reach your sales and profit objectives. He or she would be glad to assist you in developing, adapting and ultimately updating this process.

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