Successful Kickstarter campaigns may seem difficult to accomplish, but the campaign for “Sweet Thing” reached its goal through a creative approach that drove people to invest.

The original goal started at $45k. After reaching this goal way ahead of time, it was then raised to $56k and once more to $78k. In total, this campaign ended up raising over $90k. How did they do it?

First of all, the campaign is very eye-catching. "Sweet Thing" who does not want to know what is behind such a name. All of the headers of the campaign are questions that investors and the general public want to get answered. "What is Sweet Thing" It is a film by Alexandre Rockwell. “What is there left to do here?” This is an expensive process so the more involvement, the better. “What can you do?” There are many ways to help and doing so, you become a member of the "Sweet Thing" community. This clear structure helps the investor understand how they will be contributing to this film, how they make a difference.

The campaign features many details on what the money will be used for as well as the creators own goals and ambitions. They definitely have a track record of putting in the necessary time needed to develop a story worth investing.

Lastly and very important investors learned more about who is on the team. This helps create a more personal connection with the investor, builds credibility which could be helpful in the future. 

The compelling story, diversified approach, demonstrates how this campaign is able to present and deliver its own full production. These were just some of the things that made this Kickstarter campaign successful. See the Kickstarter campaign below for further information.

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