Virtual assistants can be a great way to improve your online marketing presence. Check out the resources below to get an idea of what a virtual assistant is and where you can find one.


RESOURCES: and  to help recruit and pre-vet Phillipines based virtual assistants to assist with sales and marketing.

What:  Using virtual assistants abroad to help do data entry, prospecting, and administrative tasks.

Where: Online using services that pre-screen the contract workers for basic skills including soft-skills and hard-skills. Including but not limited to language mastery, communication skills, organization, timeliness, relevant work experience.  

How: Using Skype/Slack/Email like tools to communicate directly with the Virtual Assistant and have them trained on the tasks to complete. Working with, they facilitate payments and hour tracking for work completed from the VA.  The third party company, takes a small percentage of the hourly fee for their middleman support.  If ever have an issue can address directly with the VA or have the support team from working on behalf to correct any issues with the work or the actual VA.  

When:  Weekly for 10-15 hours the VA is given specific deliverables such as prospecting 100 new names using the websites and tools we instruct them on.  They then work with sales team/intern to upload into our CRM and we begin sales activities here in the US.  

Outcome: Allow highly qualified targeted leads to market and sell too and move faster.  Savings 10-15 man hours of work per week that used to be done here in the US. 

Good Resources:

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