As part of our ongoing Counselor Education, 15 of our Counselors attended a workshop held by Kaylah Reeves about Amazon Stores.

The major points presented included:

  1. Why someone who is just starting off or has an established business selling products would want to try Amazon
  2. What are some success stories?
  3. What considerations do you need to make the decision?
  4. What are the costs of using this platform (and how they compare to to other pack/pick and shipper solutions)
  5. What do you need to have in place before you setup your account?
  6. What are the major steps in setting up the account?
  7. What kind of reporting do you get (and how do they help you in other ways)?

The presentation can be downloaded here

Kaylah helps businesses set up and start selling their products on Amazon. If you have questions, please send her an email


Why you should sell on Amazon Stores!