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Which Legal Entity?

You need to make certain your company is properly structured.  Let a Score expert take you through the various legal entities. Teresa Martinez, explains the different legal... Read more

Business Legal Entities Explained

Video recording of a local workshop Be certain that your business is structured under the appropriate legal entity: Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, Limited... Read more
success story

Ojai Pepper Jelly and SCORE

"The SCORE meetings are full of so much information. Your follow up email & hyperlinks greatly help me to make the needed changes." Read more

Suze McClellan
Owner, Ojai Jelly
success story

Hot Cherry Pillows and SCORE

When other people were getting ready for retirement, I started a business. I came up with a great product, cherry pit pillows. Their benefits are known in Europe, but little known... Read more

J'Nelle Holland
Founder, Hot Cherry
success story

Chelsea Design and Fabrication and SCORE

Chelsea Design & Fabrication collaborates with exceptional craftsman. Talented specialists are responsible for the individual stages of production. Prototyping, casting,... Read more

Edward Dent
Owner, Chelsea Design and Fabrication
success story

Four Season Properties and SCORE

"The Santa Barbara SCORE organization is truly incredible. I have been a top Realtor of over 30 years and wanted some new ideas to expand my business even more. My SCORE coach... Read more

Robin Lacks
Owner, Four Season Properties
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Heeluxe and SCORE, a winning combination!

"Heeluxe is creating a revolution in footwear by using lab testing to improve shoes. We work with established companies, like fellow Santa Barbara companies Deckers Outdoor Corp... Read more

Dr.Geoffrey Alan Gray
President, Heeluxe
success story

Dons Net Café

The Dons Net Café is a student-run social entrepreneurial business located on the historic campus of Santa Barbara High School offered through the Regional Occupational Program.... Read more

Lee A. Knodel (Mrs. B.)
Dons Net Café
success story


End confusion over who is doing what at your company with an ISO-compliant quality management system.  Find out how to become ISO-Certified. I recently started an ISO Quality... Read more

Kristine Witzel
success story

Joyous Movement

I have found all the SCORE business mentors to be generous with both their time and expertise. I always feel a genuine interest, and that they are consistent and caring. I can... Read more

Beth Amine
Owner, Joyous Movement
success story

Killer B Fitness

The Killer B Fitness philosophy is that of building a house. If you want a house that will stand up to the elements you must first lay a solid foundation. The foundation of our... Read more

Dr. Bob Wilcher
Chiropractor, Killer B Fitness