Satisfy perceived needs or desires of target prospects. Claim to solve problems. Emphasize key specific benefits that your product/service offers. 

Differentiate. Focus on specific features that make your products/services better than the competition. Uniqueness sells. 

Optimize. Explore options. Would you product/ service yield higher net if you boosted prices? Or lowered them? Modified product appearance? Increased advertising? Emphasized different benefits? Testing increases your success. 

Be perceived as fulfilling your claims. Your business depends on repeat sales. 

Identify target prospects. Nothing appeals to everyone. Focus on people most likely to buy what you offer? No one else. 

Promote / Package / Display your Products/Services to gain attention. And to motivate purchases. 

Sell. You are the best salesperson for what you make. 

Also replicate yourself. You cannot be everywhere. Choose outlets / agents to sell what you make. Amply reward them for performance. And ensure that your products/services stay in stock and are emphasized 

Provide value and make reasonable profits to stay in business.

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