Santa Barbara SCORE Mentors Bios

We offer a unique form of team counseling to provide our clients with a broad range of expertise and experience. 

Alisa Wilcox

As a sales and marketing professional in Santa Barbara since 2000, I have participated in extensive networking and will happily connect any small business owners with the contacts they need or the resources they need to continue growing their business.


Bob Margevicius

I’ve been involved in international global trade for close to 40 years starting as a product manager for a medium sized bicycle company. Product focus has led to running a medium sized bicycle company followed by leading the aspiring Specialized bicycle brand from obscurity to a global industry leader. 


Bob Vitamante

Language: English

I've been very successful at it, including working as a CPA for 10 years at the world's largest CPA firm, as the CFO of two billion dollar companies, as the President and CFO for two technology startups (including an IPO), and as a founder of my own retail and consulting businesses.


Dick Lamb

Language: English

I have been a Score mentor since 2011 and have mentored a number of successful startups. I greatly enjoy interacting with ambitious younger people who are willing to work hard to achieve their business goals are willing to consider advice and direction from battle-scarred veterans like me. 


Frank Swanson

Language: English

My background in corporate and small business high technology management enables my ability to counsel entrepreneurs and small businesses in the areas of Government program and proposal management, contract negotiations, business development, financial and strategic planning and scenario planning.


Gary Kravetz

Language: English

My background includes owning my own small businesses for over 25 years. I have mentored a variety of companies through my affiliations with Tech Coast Angels & SCORE. I have experience in a large number of industries.


Gene Sinser

Languages: English, German

I can assist you in maximizing the performance of your business in the areas of General Management, Finance, Sales and Marketing. Having worked for Fortune 500 companies and operating retail Art Gallery and Picture Framing retail store I have experienced the running of both large corporations as well as having to make my own payroll.


George Rusznak

Language: English

I have worked in small and large companies in the I/T function, marketing, business planning and development. I started, built and sold several ventures in I/T services, real estate syndication and management consulting.



Jim Baxter

Language: English

In my career, I prepared business plans for a large corporation. These plans included detailed one year, three years, and seven-year phases for all aspects of the business. Each of these plans encompassed the above areas and often others.


Jim Smith

Language: English

My business background consists of five startup businesses and five years in corporate management. See below under Personal Expertise and Industry experience for further detail. Your goals can only be reached through proper planning; I can help you do that.


John Richardson

Language: English

I can help individuals and Companies starting a software or a web-based business from a concept or idea; to help develop goals and strategies as well setting up daily operations and processes to support growth.


Mary Campbell

Language: English

I am able to volunteer for various causes in Santa Barbara, SCORE being one of them. These satisfy my curiosity in developments in commerce and non-profit and undergraduate education.


Rafelle Clatter

Languages: English, limited fluency in French and Spanish

I am a licensed CPA and enrolled agent. I was an IRS revenue agent for 26 years. I audited individual tax returns, small and large corporations, S-Corporations, banks and partnerships. 


Rich Abbott

I can help you with all phases of a start-up to growing your business. I have been a successful business owner in Ventura, Santa Barbara County primarily with small service oriented businesses.


Shelley Goldman

Language: English

My business experience range from selling and marketing intangibles and tangibles including travel, bus company, discount buying programs, largest provider of auto buying programs for AAA clubs , shoe importer, chemical company sales manager, Small business mentor etc.


Steve Patchen

Language: English

If you would like better results from your marketing dollars, I may be able to help. My experience includes running an ad agency (not Mad Men, but close), VP Marketing for a healthcare assist product and serving as a board member or trustee of six non-profits in Phoenix.


Tom Phillips

Language: English

I can help individuals and Companies starting a business from a concept or idea; to help develop goals and strategies as well as how to deal with crisis and growth management; to help create and implement ideas for expansion, opportunity and profitability.


Vic Cole

Language: English

By blending marketing experience and financial perspective, I can help turn your talents, skills. diligence and sustained efforts into a viable enterprise. I worked for four companies aiming for marketing research and strategy development to be a top management tool for greater profits.