How I can help you

45 years as an active member of the city of Santa Barbara area.  20 years in the restaurant/hospitality industry; 10 years in the retail grocery industry; 5 years in the import/export business industry; 14 years in the real estate industry - residential, commercial, and business.  40+ years actively involved in nonprofits.  I can give individuals advice on how to start a business, establish strategic partnerships, and build connections for the fruitful longevity of their business.


Areas of Expertise

  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Manufacturing & Product Development
  • Non-Profit

Industry Experience

  • Agriculture, Farming, Fishing & Hunting
  • Real Estate, Rental & Leasing


As a professional business entrepreneur, his growth in development has been essential in building not only his business, but supporting hundreds of business ventures throughout this great city. His background and experience in business development, education in our local college, and his established resources internationally will help your business and your endeavor in building the foundation of your own future.

Miguel Avila

Communication Methods

  • In Person