I create unique custom contemporary and antique-style mosaics using ancient tools, materials and techniques to decorate your home or office. Commissions and installations are tailored to the client's taste and life style.

I can create a design for you or replicate your artwork for decorative kitchen and bath backsplashes, entryway floor emblems, fountains, garden wall or sculptural art, pool and Jacuzzi surrounds.

I was awarded Master of Mosaics certificates from the Angelo Orsoni Institute in Venice, Italy and the Scuola Arte de Mosaico in Ravenna, Italy.

SCORE mentors are helping me focus on the issues that I need to address in order to enhance my mosaic art business. Two mentors have been my on-going sounding board and they convened a group of eight colleagues to brainstorm my next moves. Where else can one get advice from successful business professionals who also serve as support and encouragement?

SCORE supplies me with basic and advanced business and marketing principles. Just knowing that they are there for me also works to keep me on task.

How SCORE Helped: 

When I first approached SCORE I was very reluctant to put myself out into the community to network. I describe myself as a "loner" who would much prefer to work in my studio. It was very hard for me to approach potential referral sources with requests, and to promote my work with potential clients. And I did not really know how to do it effectively and economically.

SCORE workshops and mentors helped me overcome these resistances and showed by how to analyze options and budgets. Mentors organized a brain-storming session, inviting a group of other mentors. All that experience gathered at my studio, and for FREE. You cannot buy the expertise of these successful business persons.

I requested that my mentors take on the job of holding me accountable to follow their advice, which they did. Even though I must have been exasperating to some of them in my slowness to act at times.

The outcome at present is that in the past three years I have gone from grossing under $10K from my artwork to over $30K. Each time I surpass one annual figure, I up the ante another $10K, so this year's goal is $45K gross. Not bad for a 75 year old artist who quit her day job at 62 to pursue a career in art. Currently, counting my art income with retirement incomes, I actually net more than I did in my previous career.

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