How SCORE helped. 

"Heeluxe is creating a revolution in footwear by using lab testing to improve shoes. We work with established companies, like fellow Santa Barbara companies Deckers Outdoor Corp and The Walking Company, to help them ensure that their customers are getting top quality product. Heeluxe also has a design lab to create new patented footwear designs that shoes companies can purchase or license. SCORE counseling was very helpful in getting through a rough period early in the company when a business partner left. Gerry helped determine a strategy to sell our current inventory of products by using catalogs like SkyMall. He also injected a confidence boost in our meetings. 

With Score’s help over the last 4 years Heeluxe has grown to have 4 employees and a cutting-edge lab in Goleta. We also scored 3 airings on QVC through our partnership with New Balance. Our revenues have increased 200% in the past 12 months. Heeluxe President Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray now attends the monthly Wednesday morning SCORE meetings to hear lectures from local business experts and to network with other small business owners."

Heeluxe and SCORE, a winning combination!