How SCORE helped. 

I have found all the SCORE business mentors to be generous with both their time and expertise. I always feel a genuine interest, and that they are consistent and caring. I can count on them to do their best in guiding an individual to reach personal business goals.

Joyous Movement is fun dance fitness for seniors. This most basic and innate activity for creating health, wholeness and happiness is now accessible to independent living individuals as well as those with Alzheimer’s and dementia and their caregivers through Joyous Movement classes and instructional DVDs. Created by artist/dancer Beth Amine from 40 years of dance teaching experience, the classes use simple, easy, fun, and sustainable movements that anyone can do. It was created for all those desiring to feel their aliveness and re-awaken their natural connection to the fullness of the human experience. Using a combination of world, standard and contemporary songs, Beth leads the group on a voyage with their bodies and spirits through the world of great inspiring music. Noted results are improved quality of life that comes with more fitness, flexibility, balance, and the creation of fresh and new neural pathways.

Joyous Movement