♥ to cook
♥ pairing foods & stirring conversation
♥ to get people to step outside their ‘comfort zone’ & try new fusions & flavors

I prefer a quaint dinner-party to a night on the town- I ♥ to get people inspired in the kitchen, sample new foods, experiment, tell stories & laugh a lot-

Part of my mission is to spread great Jelly & Jam across the planet!
Another part of my mission is to help bring awareness to Women’s Health issues. A few years back I was recovering from a series of unfortunate events, first of which was a stroke. The cause of my stroke is far too common. 

During my recovery I fell & broke my back-  The healing process was slow. I was bored & couldn’t comfortably sit. I stood & cooked while watching mostly cooking shows & the news.
GOOD MORNING AMERICA announced a sandwich contest. They were searching for “THE BEST SANDWICH IN THE NATION”.
I entered my favorite “Smoked Turkey Sandwich” & it was FEATURED!

Add Ojai Jelly to your sandwich & see what you think!

After experimenting a lot, I eventually captured & bottled what many think is the perfect combination of flavors;
Where Heat Meets Sweet!

Ojai Jalapeño Jelly – sweetest
Ojai Habanero Jelly – spiciest
Ojai Habanero Apricot Jam – spicy + sweet

Family & friends encouraged me to market my products. I did some research &
I went after state & city licenses & rented a commercial kitchen.
As my products gained popularity I found a great family-owned cannery with a fantastic food scientist & UC Davis graduate. We’ve been bottling my concoctions ever since-

You can find my Pepper Jellies in many Gourmet Food Stores, wine tasting rooms & restaurants. I sell Pepper Jelly to 65+ stores & wineries, & in 5 states, & I’ve shipped to our troops! My Pepper Jellies + Jam make most anything taste good!

I’d ♥ to sell Ojai Jelly in your town! Drop me a line;
Suggest WHERE you’d like Ojai Jelly sold-
IF I get the account I’ll send you a jar of Pepper Jelly/Jam!

You simply must try it! 

How SCORE helped. 

"The SCORE meetings are full of so much information. Your follow up email & hyperlinks greatly help me to make the needed changes."

Ojai Pepper Jelly and SCORE