Financial Management Workbook

Finance and Money

Five Sources of Quick Cash:

  • Get Paid Up front
  •  Collect Payment
  • Try Factoring
  • Slow Your Payments
  • Borrow from Alternate Sources



Traits of a Great Employer:

  • Feed the whole person
  • Unexpected freebies
  • Make your office kid friendly and/or pet-friendly
  • Create a creative fun culture
  • Don't pigeonhole people




Marketing and Sales

Five Marketing Must Haves for Small Business:

  • Description
  • Audience
  • Customer needs
  • Key benefits
  • Key differentiator


Website and Social Media

Getting Your Business Noticed: Social Media, Website or Both?

  • Social media on its own
  • Websites
  • Social media + website
  • About Verisign

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