You’ve Retired, Now What? June 30, 2022, 12:00pm PDT June 30, 2022, 1:00pm PDT
Workzones Santa Barbara
351 Paseo Nuevo, Fl 2
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101

We invite you to join us at Workzones (see: for this hybrid event. All registrants will also receive a link to the Webinar for the event for those who wish to join us online. 

If you have a dedication to solving complex problems and pursuing positive change across the globe then we invite you to join SCORE Santa Barbara to learn about opportunities to share business knowledge and skills with your local community. 

SCORE is the largest volunteer-based business mentoring network in the nation. YOU could be an invaluable addition to our network and SCORE can help you fulfill your mission of educating leaders for business and society. 

Come for a lunch conversation, in which we will discuss our careers and how you can affect change no matter the professional path you have chosen. We will talk about how to view leadership, how best to have an impact, and how the SCORE’s mission can help guide your professional lives. 

It’s really important to balance success and impact. This is harder than it sounds. It’s easy to become so focused on success that you lose focus on having an impact on the world. We can see examples of people who become rich and famous, who could have huge impact but don’t—and there are others who have way outsized impact relative to where they work or what their fame and fortune might be.

Finding that balance is central to the SCORE culture and it is integral to the education and the experiences with colleagues in our network. The mission of SCORE – and the message to its volunteers—is to never lose sight of the greater role you have in the community. 

Attend to learn how participation with SCORE allows you to:

  • Direct small business owners and entrepreneurs through the complexities of launching new ventures  
  • Inspire existing small businesses to overcome obstacles and increase revenue 
  • Help business owners learn from both their mistakes and successes 
  • Listen and guide in decision-making processes to keep mentees on the smart track 
  • Elevate your professional reputation locally  
  • Gain network opportunities and new relationships 
  • Build deeper connections in the community

About the Presenter(s)

 Greg  Loosvelt

Greg Loosvelt, co-founder and CEO of Sagres Partners, was a leader in the asset management space for two decades, before changing direction and moving into the nonprofit world to become World climate change expert; Score activists, helping to guide small business in the wake of the global financial crisis. He currently serves as SCORE’s District Director for Greater Los Angeles area.

SCORE District Director for Greater Los Angeles area

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You’ve Retired, Now What?