A six part guide to a QuickBooks and bookkeeping foundation. Can be implemented over 5-to-6 weeks or 5-to-6 months depending on your business needs.


If you are new to QuickBooks or bookkeeping in general, there are certain procedures you are going to want to know how to perform. In this course you will learn the basics for QuickBooks and bookkeeping which will lay down the foundation for a very streamlined and sustainable accounting system.


  1. Implement an accounting system for your business that anyone within your organization should be able to follow, especially your bookkeeper and yourself.
  2. Understand how to set up bookkeeping tasks and processes specific to your business.
  3. Feel confident that your business finances are in order and you can make informed business decisions.


The key to being able to manage your bookkeeping smoothly in QuickBooks is getting off to a good start. By investing a little time upfront to learn how to set up QuickBooks, you will save time and money in the long run. We have simplified the QuickBooks setup process by breaking it down into 5-6 Sessions, some of which include:

  • Setting up a good quality chart of accounts: This will ensure that you have accurate financial statements
  • Setting up customers and vendors: This will ensure that you have accurate sales and expense reporting
  • Connecting QuickBooks Online with your bank and credit card accounts: To ensure all income and expenses are accounted for
  • Customizing QuickBooks Online with your company information: To create professional-looking sales forms
  • Run Financial Statements in QuickBooks Online with peace of mind that they are accurate and reliable.

Session 1: Setting up QuickBooks

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Activities for Week 1 / Month 1

Session 2: Managing Revenue - Recording Income

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Activities for Week 2 / Month 2

Session 3: Managing Expenses - Recording Expenses

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Activities for Week 3 / Month 3

Session 4: Managing Debt in Quickbooks

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Activities for Week 4 / Month 4

Session 5: Managing Business Finances

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Activities for Week 5 / Month 5

Session 6: Open Q&A

Thursday, July 22 | 9:00-10:00am

Activities for Week 6 / Month 6